Friday, December 22, 2006

Five Reasons Why People Should Quit Smoking

In this article I am going to write about the reasons why I believe people should stop smoking. I hope it proves to be an inspiration for many people who are potentially thinking of quitting these cancer sticks once and for all. Smoking does and will have a negative impact on your life if of course you continue with this nasty habit, therefore it is definately worth starting to look for the best ways to quit smoking.

I have to admit that I used to be a smoker, I was never on lets say twenty a day but was more of what people would call a social smoker. I would at that point find it very difficult to go out with my friends for a few beers without being able to smoke etc. It actually would be something that I would look forward to and at the stage I had no real reasons as to why I should not do it. After a hard and stressful week at work there was nothing better than the thought of having a pint of lager with a cigarette to go with it.

The problem started to occur when I began to buy packs of ten cigarettes in the week to take to work with me. In my mind I had thought that to smoke at work would give me the same type of pleasure that smoking did whilst drinking etc. I felt very let down when I realised that it just was not the same but for whatever reason I continued to buy and smoke them.

My colleagues at work started to comment on the fact that I was smoking and stated that my clothes really stunk of cigarettes. People in my opinion started to treat me differently, it was like I was a second class citizen. I decided that I needed to stop smoking for these and other reasons, especially as I did not really enjoy it that much apart from when I was in a bar of course.

I stopped smoking for five main reasons:

1. To save money as a packet of cigarettes costs a lot of money.

2. I did not like my clothes smelling of cigarettes.

3. Health reasons, smoking is the cause of many health problems including cancer.

4. Smoking can be a big turn off to women. I found it hard enough to meet and attract women and to give them another reason not to like me was just being stupid.

5. I wanted to be classed as a non-smoker as I felt that I was been treated like some sort of loser when I was a smoker.

It was not easy to quit smoking but it is certainly worth while, why not give it a go, you may well surprise yourself.

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